Female Hair Transplant – Remedying Hair Fall in Women

Date :26-Oct-2021

Hair is a significant factor contributing to the aesthetics of a woman. Though long hair trends are not as popular as before, volume of hair matters greatly. Hair fall has grown to be a huge concern, especially in women. While it’s normal to lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair per day, concern arises when they fail to grow back, resulting in hair thinning.

Though there are many hair fall treatment techniques practised today, some people fail to experience the desired results. Hair transplant techniques have grown in popularity in these cases. Female hair transplant on scalp is trickier than in male because of the difference in hair fall pattern.

While male hair fall is pattern specific and results in baldness in the frontal areas, female hair fall is generally based on overall hair thinning. Hence hair transplant procedures on scalps are effective and can be done on certain female candidates only. Hair transplant on other areas like eyebrows follows the same procedure as male hair transplant.


Candidates for hair transplant

Female hair transplant on scalp is effective only in the following candidates: –

  • Women having hair fall issues due to traction or mechanical alopecia
  • Women experiencing hair loss at incision sites of surgeries.
  • Women with missing hair due to accidents or burns
  • Women having hair loss pattern with similarities to male patterned baldness
  • Women with conditions like alopecia marginalis.

Female hair transplant procedure

The procedure of female hair transplant is as same as that of male and includes the extraction of natural hair from site of dense growth and transplanting them at the site of hair thinning. The most popular method used for hair transplant is FUE or Follicle Unit Extraction.

In this procedure, a unit of hair comprising of about four hair follicles are removed from the donor area with the help of a micro punch. This is then transplanted at the site of hair loss. About 3500 units can be transplanted in a single session.


  • Scar less
  • Painless
  • Negligible discomfort
  • Short recovery time
  • Do not require stitches

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