Ingrown Toe Nail Surgery in Bangalore

An ingrown toenail is a condition in which the nail of the toe grows into the soft skin instead of over it. This is most common in the big toe but can happen to other toes. It is an easily manageable condition until it gets infected.

Ingrown Toenails occur due to different reasons like incorrect cutting of toenails, naturally curved shape of toenails, and pressure due to footwear. This issue is most common in teenagers due to sweaty feet, and older age groups as toenails become thick with age. It also occurs due to toenail injury, some forms of sports activity, and poor posture or particular walking style in both men and women.

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Ingrown Toenail Surgery in Bangalore

Causes of Ingrown Toe nail

  • Too short cutting of toenail
  • Rounding the edge of nail
  • Having unusually curved toenails
  • Wearing ill fit shoes or socks
  • Trauma such as stubbing of the toe
  • Repeating an action that injures the nail like kicking football etc.

Symptoms of Ingrown Toe nail

  • Pain and tenderness in the toe along one or both sides of the nail
  • In cases of infected ingrown toenail, it might become :
  • Swollen
  • Red
  • Filled with pus
  • Painful around the ingrown toenail

Diagnosis of Ingrown Toe nail

Physical examination of the area and nail can confirm the diagnosis of ingrown toenails. Our dermatologist will thoroughly examine your toenail to evaluate if the ingrown nail is infected or not as its management also depends upon the stage of infection. Get the best Ingrown toe nail surgery in Bangalore from VitalsKlinic.

Treatment of Ingrown Toe nail

Depending upon the grade of the ingrown toenail and the presence or absence of infection, our Dermatologists will manage the condition by any of the following treatment options:

  • Oral medications are prescribed if the ingrown toe nail gets infected.
  • Complete or partial avulsion: This is a minor Surgery in which the surgeon will lift the ingrown nail and place cotton, dental floss or a splint under it. In case of severely ingrown nail, trimming or partial removal or complete removal of the nail is done under local anesthesia.

Ingrown Toenail Surgery Cost

Underlying causes for ingrown toenails could be improper hygiene and cleaning of the foot or genetic predisposition. However, if left untreated it may lead to infection, severe pain, or even foot amputation.

Ingrown toenail surgery cost at Vitalsklinic in Bangalore is affordable and service-worthy compared to all other hospitals and clinics. At Vitalsklinic, a simple consultation with the experts can help better understand the procedure, cost, and after-care of the ingrown toenail surgery.

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