Our World Class Equipments

Vitals Klinic is a completely furnished and operational clinic with equipment that is at par with the world class standards of Dermatology. We pay special attention at maintaining the equipment and accessories to ensure the highest levels of hygiene for you at the clinic.We have a fully equipped clinic with medical apparatuses required to treat skin ailments like pigmentation, scars, birth marks and moles, vitiligo etc. and various other surgeries. We’d like to take you through some of them to understand their functioning a little more in depth.

  • Dermatology diagnosis and surgical equipment – We use standard equipment that is sanitized on a regular basis to ensure utmost hygiene conditions.
  • Derma-care equipment – For treating wrinkles, sun burns, age spots, acne scars etc.
  • Lasers – We use the best in class laser machines to treat skin ailments like scars, birth marks, warts, moles, pigmented lesions, hair removal etc. The lasers we use are top notch and function in a way that it leaves no additional scarring on the patient’s skin.
  • Electro-surgery Generators and Accessories – These are used during surgeries for surgically cutting the affected area and to control bleeding caused by coagulation. We, at Vitals Klinic, use the latest version of these generators and accessories for our surgeries.
  • Phototherapy machine – Also known as light therapy machine is used to treat skin ailments like scars, psoriasis etc. by exposing the affected areas of the skin to a light in a certain wavelength.