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about Us

About Us

Vitals Klinic is one of the finest dermatology clinics in the country. Located in the capital of Bangalore, at BTM layout, Vitals is well aclaimed...

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our infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

Welcome to one of the advanced, innovative, first of its kind multispecialty Dermatology Clinics located in the heart of the Bengaluru’s Hot Spot...

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Dr harish Prasad

Dr. Harish Prasad

Dermatologist - Dermato Surgeon We, at Vitals Klinic, are a duo team of highly qualified

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Conditions Treated

We do both skin and hair treatment. In skin treatment, we have treatments for acne, acne scar, wrinkles, stretch marks, unwanted hairs, sagging skin, vitiligo, etc almost every skin disorder is being treated at our clinic. For hair treatment, we have treatment for baldness, androgenic alopecia, alopecia, hair loss, hair thinning etc. We also do other treatments related to dermatology for example warts, moles, tattoos, ingrown toenails, Earlobe etc.


Hair Care Clinic in Bangalore, Every hair follicle has a life cycle of its own with specific timelines and no two hairs have the same growth speeds, which means that if problems can disrupt the natural hair cycle, then this might make hair fall out and thinning occur, causing some hair loss. Many of the common signs of hair problems go unnoticed. Therefore, a person does not notice their hair falling and tends to continue as normal, unaware that there could be the underlying signs of hair problems. The first step to knowing if you have a hair problem is understanding the cause.

At Vitals Skin and Hair Clinic in Bangalore, you will find the best dermatologists who can diagnose and immediately provide a course of treatment for your individual needs. Our first and principle task is to provide a convenient and suitable patient experience and we stay committed to this ideal through the innovation of newest and best practices. We use the latest techniques and treatment methods to solve the patient’s hair problems from the root.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert dermatologists at Vitals Skin and Hair clinic for hair care clinic in Bangalore and overcome any such hair problems. Contact us to know more!


Our Treatment procedures include laser hair removal for unwanted hairs, PRP for hair loss treatment, micro-needling radiofrequency (MNRF) for skin tightening and acne scars, hair transplant and scalp micro pigmentation for baldness, fillers and botulinum toxin injections for lips and wrinkles reduction, chemical peels for acne and dark circles, and melanocyte transplant and phototherapy for vitiligo. Apart from the mentioned we do all types of procedures and surgeries related to hair and skin.


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Quality treatment is what we are focused on and we feel that should be the main reason why anyone should choose Vitals Klinic. Our procedure machines are USFDA approved. We use the latest technology available for treating any type of disorder or condition and hence no or very minimal side effects in the treatment of skin in Bangalore. Even for hair fall treatment, we study a lot before suggesting any treatment procedure like PRP hair loss treatment, or light therapy (Low-level light therapy), or mesotherapy. Sometimes we use a combination of these treatment procedures for the best results of hair growth.

Why Vitals Clinic

The Vitals Concept

If you are seeking for a skin cure, we at VITALS completely understand that you like best in class treatments and wisely conclude klinic to choose.

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Vitals Klinic is a completely furnished and operational clinic with equipment that is at par with the world class standards...

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VITAL KLINIC is a right place to cure various types of skin, hair problems and patients will also get a good counseling from our...

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Best Dermatologist in Bangalore

Team Of Qualified Dermatologist

We, at Vitals Klinic, are a duo team of highly qualified, trained and experienced doctors. We strive for your...

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Hair Fall Treatment With Expert Help from Vitals Klinic

Hair fall is nothing new to most of us. It is one of the major factors in our aesthetic worries. Hair fall concerns have become a part and parcel of our hectic days of work ...

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scar treatment

Reduce Your Scars With Effective Scar Treatments

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It protects the valuable organs like a fine cloth. Any injury, burns, trauma, and surgeries cause scars. In some cases, if the scar is small it can be concealed...

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Laser Mole Removal - Discover A New You

Moles are often seen by people as a hindrance to their looks. Usually, moles are dark spots in the skin or skin irregularities that may be present at birth or appear at any time....

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I visited few doctors regarding my hair loss and everyone immediately without even seeing my hair gave me and recommended PRP therapy

Rahul Raina

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Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction. He is very suggestive taking care of patients

K Karthik

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Had a skin problem from long back later I had taken treatment with Dr.Harish Prasad. He explains everything clearly and politely


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From the smallest to most complex problems, we are proud of ourselves in the way that we deliver healthcare...

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