What is Micropigmentation Treatment for Vitiligo

Micropigmentation is a type of tattooing for helping people with vitiligo. People might use this technique for better skin coverage. Through injecting pigment into scars or blotchiness. We provide the best micropigmentation treatment for vitiligo in Bangalore by using advanced techniques for better skin.

Micropigmentation Treatment for Vitiligo

Even though the micropigmentation method seems to be effective, it will likely need to be repeated for the customer on a quarterly basis to prevent receding colour and avoid issues with pigmentation loss.

Micro Pigmentation Treatment for Vitiligo

Patients with Vitiligo experience these fallowing:

1. Social and psychological pressure
2. Sunburn and even skin cancer
3. Eye issues like inflammation of the iris
4. Hearing loss




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FAQs for Micropigmentation Treatment for Vitiligo

How can micropigmentation help me to deal with vitiligo?

Micropigmentation can be a tremendous help to individuals who go through with vitiligo. Our expert dermatologist at vitals skin and hair clinic will expertly blend skin-coloured pigments to create a caverage to balance the affected areas with the surrounding healthy skin.This usually requires a few sessions in order to achieve satisfactory results as we need to see how the pigment has healed in the skin, how much has been retained and also to blend with the surrounding skin.

What happens when you come for consultation?

When you consult our expert dermatologist at vitals skin and hair clinic they shall examine your condition, take detailed history of your concern ,explain you the causes and assess if your ideal candidate for micropigmentation.

How is the procedure done?

The micro pigmentation procedure is performed by our expert dermatologist at vitals skin and hair clinic using fine needles to inject pigment under the skin. This will make the existing white patches less visible.

How can I get the best results?

Achieve the best results with the help of our expert dermatologist at vitals skin and hair clinic.

Is it safe?

Yes, At vitals skin and hair clinic, the process and the products used are both safe and medically approved.

Is it painful?

A micro pigmentation treatment is not a very painful procedure. There may be slight soreness.

What is the healing period like?

Healing is expected to last for two to five days. The aftercare instructions will be provided specifically to each person.

Is there any downtime after the procedure is done?

No downtime is required. You may see the result immediately after the procedure.

What are the benefits of micropigmentation?

● The procedure is quite simple.
● The results are immediate, though the exact color may take a few days to develop.
● The effect can last for a long time, but a touch up might be required in case evidence of fading.

How much will the procedure cost?

The cost of micropigmentation at vitals skin and hair clinic, depends upon the number of white patches you have.

How many sessions are required?

It varies from person to person. Usually a minimum of one session is required for the best result. In some cases, however, a second session may be required to achieve further improvement.

How much time does it take for procedure?

Micropigmentation treatment normally takes minimal time. Sometimes, it may take a little longer. The process might not be the identical for all. It will depend upon the number of white patches.

Best Micropigmentation Treatment for Vitiligo in Bangalore

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