What is Lip Lightening

Like human skin tones, human lips also vary in color according to the color of the person. Some people may find their lips attractive as they age, while others may naturally have darker and rougher lips.

Lip Lightening Treatment in Bangalore

The lips might seem dark because of smoking or chewing tobacco, vitamin deficiencies, genetics, medical conditions, birthmarks, an irritant reaction to the medication, or trauma. Poor lifestyle habits are in turn, often the reason for this pigmentation. People can get beautiful pink lips with the best lip-lightening treatment like topical creams, lactic acid peel, Q-switched ND: YAG laser treatment, and fillers available at Vitals Skin and Hair Clinic, which is a leading dermatology clinic in Bangalore.


The Best Lip Lightening Treatment At Vitals Skin Care Clinic, Bangalore

lip lightening treatment


With the aid of cutting-edge technology and Dermatologists in Bangalore, VitalsKlinic offers the best lip pigmentation treatment as well as the best lip toning treatment. We work hard to meet the needs of our patients, including those for pink lips, lips that are fuller or plumper, or both.


What Are The Causes Of Lip Pigmentation?


Pregnancy may cause skin changes in certain women. This results from the body’s hormone levels fluctuating. Patches of darker skin may appear on the lips, nipples, forehead, cheeks, and nose, among other body parts. However, after delivery, these regions should revert to their original hue.

Smoking Cigarette:

Not only is it bad for your health, but it also hurts your lips. The chemical substances found in cigarettes, nicotine and tar, reduce the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen and result in lip darkening. Over time, smoking with your lips pursed also makes your lips wrinkled.

Exposure to Sun:

Sun exposure can cause sunspots, which are dark, crusty lumps. They can show up on skin that is on the lips, face, back, chest, and arms, among other places. Sunspots range from light tan to dark red in hue and size. Another name for it is actinic keratosis. Not all lesions caused by actinic keratosis are malignant.

Medical issues or Allergies:

Hyperpigmentation, commonly known as Addison’s disease, can be brought on by certain medical conditions. Usually, an immune system issue prevents the adrenal gland from producing enough vital hormones. Dark spots of skin, dark lips, or dark gums can all be symptoms of the illness. Low mood, weakness, and a lack of energy are some more signs. You should seek emergency medical attention if you have blue or purple lips that appear darker, or if you have trouble breathing. This can be an indication of cyanosis, a disorder brought on by low blood oxygen levels.

Excessive Lip Biting:

When we have chapped, dry lips, we frequently instinctively bite at the dry ends of our lips or lick our lips excessively; the saliva causes the moisture from the lips to escape with it, making the lips dehydrated. Instead of addressing the underlying problem and striving to resolve it. There are many people who have the tendency of chewing their lips constantly.

Lack of hydration:

When we don’t drink enough water, our skin becomes dehydrated, and one of the effects on our lips is that they become dark. Drinking plenty of fluids helps to remove the pigmentation as well as flush out toxins from our bodies.


Different Methods for Lip Lightening



 At Vitals Skin and Hair Clinic many creams and gels are available to lighten the dark skin on the lip area. They can contain lactic acid, kojic acid and arbutin that help reduce melanin content.


 At Vitals Skin and Hair Clinic Lactic acid peel is the most popular peel for brightening the lips. It is also used to remove an oily layer that is blocking the pores and preventing the skin from absorbing the active ingredients normally.

The Cons Of Using Lip Lightening Chemical Peels:

  • Scarring may last a lifetime. Chemical peels are not advised for those with dark complexion since they run the danger of permanently discolouring their skin.
  • Chemical peels carry a higher risk of infection since they pierce the skin more deeply.
  • Peeling dries the skin. Lasers are a better alternative for lip whitening because the skin on the lips is already delicate and prone to drying out.
  • Candidates with herpes simplex may develop flare-ups after the treatment. Reactivation runs the risk.
  • Sun exposure will not affect the sensitivity of the new skin.
  • In contrast to the Q-switched Nd: YAG laser, one needs to adhere to proper post-treatment care.
  • Results are inconsistent. However, even in cases of resistant pigmentation, laser treatment offers far better outcomes.


 At the vitals skin and hair clinic a laser beam is used to destroy the pigmented cells. This is a non-invasive treatment option that can be used to treat lips with dark patches. The laser is a beam of light that is absorbed by the pigmented cells. It causes the cells to burst and thus destroys them. Laser remedy is a secure, powerful, and minimally invasive remedy alternative. It removes the dead cells and hence, helps to lighten up the lips.


What are the side effects of lip laser treatment?

Treatment for lip lightening is secure and efficient. The only condition is that a professional dermatologist must provide the treatment. The safest lip whitening procedures are those you receive from a cosmetic dermatologist. At Vitals Skin and Hair Clinic in Bangalore, they provide the best lip lightening procedure.
If you get your lips treated by an unqualified practitioner, you run the risk of developing scars, herpes labialis, a severe crust, bleeding, and swelling in your lips.




Lip fillers are a set of injectable substances that are designed to fill the lips and achieve a lighter and more attractive appearance. Many patients who have lip fillers wish to enlarge their lips. There are several reasons why you might desire to increase the size of your lips, including:

Restoring the lip’s former size: Your lips may become thinner or smaller as you age, and your philtrum (the groove between your upper lip and septum) may lengthen and flatten. Additionally, the inter-commissural distance between your mouth’s corners may widen.

Adjusting the appearance of your lips: Your lips frequently have a variety of sizes and shapes (asymmetrical).

Smoothing wrinkles: On the sides of your lips, wrinkles might occasionally form when you laugh or grin.

Boosting self-confidence: Lip fillers can make you feel better about yourself and how you look.

How long do lip fillers last?

Usually, lip fillers last between 12 and 18 months. However, it is contingent upon your age and the rate at which your body converts calories into energy (metabolism). Because young individuals burn calories more quickly, lip fillers don’t last as long on them.

Why Choose VitalsKlinic, Bangalore For Skin Lightening?

VitalsKlinic has surpassed the competition in silicon city because of its holistic strategy, strict protocols, and utilization of cutting-edge technologies. Since its launch by Dr. Harish Prasad and Dr. Anantha Prasad Holla, VitalsKlinic has received more than 10k positive reviews, making it a dermatological industry leader. VitalsKlinic has a wide range of services for hair and skin care, and its outstanding group of doctors and skin specialists gives them unmatched trust.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What happens when you come for a consultation?

When you consult our expert dermatologist at the vitals skin and hair clinic they shall examine your condition, take a detailed history of your concern, explain the causes, and assess if your ideal candidate for lip lightening treatment.

Is the Lip Lightening procedure painful?

The Lip Lightening procedure is painless and safe.

Is lip lightening treatment safe?

Lip lightening treatments are safe and they can be very effective.

Can laser lighten dark lips?

A great non-invasive method for reducing the blackness in the lips is laser lip lightening. The process is rather straightforward. Your dermatologist at VitalsKlinic will exfoliate the top layer of your lips using specialized nanosecond laser technology. The procedures will promote the development of fresher, lighter skin layers.

Is laser lip lightening permanent?

The procedure is a type of semi-permanent makeup that, according to cosmetic surgeons, can help cover up blue or purple colours in the lips. Colour can be applied to either lighten the lips or to give them structure and dimension, depending on the client’s objectives.

Can dermatologists fix dark lips?

Yes, It is best to contact a dermatologist at Vitals Skin care clinic for the right care to ensure proper treatment of darkened lips.

How long does lip laser last?

The Laser Lip lasts 12 to 18 months between touch-up procedures for the results to fade. After the treatment, there is no recovery time required, and there won’t be any unattractive bruising or swelling.

Should you shave your lips before laser treatment?

In order for the laser to successfully destroy the hair follicles beneath the skin’s surface, the skin must first be shaved in the upper lip.

How much will the Lip Lightening procedure cost?

Costs may vary from one person to another, also cost will depend upon the size of the area that is treated and the number of sessions required. but you can be assured that the cost of lip lightening treatment at the vitals skin and hair clinic is very affordable and very cost-effective.

How many sessions are required for Lip Lightening Treatment?

Depending on the severity of your condition, a minimum of 3 sessions to a maximum of 6 sessions at monthly intervals are required for Lip Lightening Treatment.

How much time does it take for the Lip Lightening procedure?

Lip Lightening Procedures will take hardly 30 to 45min.

What causes lip pigmentation?

Melanin is a pigment released by melanocytes that gives the skin its colour. The lips are protected with skin layers that still comprise melanocytes. They have extraordinarily sensitive skin as they’re thinner than different body components. If there is more melanin production, lips appear darker whereas less melanin creates lighter lip tones.

Where to get lip lightening treatment in Bangalore?

The best lip lightening treatment in Bangalore is offered at Vitals Skin and Hair Clinic. It is considered to be an aesthetic procedure as well as a medical treatment. It is also helpful in treating many medical conditions. Visit the Vitals skin and hair clinic to get more information about lip pigmentation treatment in Bangalore.

Best Lip Lightening Treatment in Bangalore

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