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What Are Keloids/Keloids Scar

Keloids are tough scar tissues that grow abruptly on skin injuries. Patients suffering from keloids experience pain and itching. Keloids feel firm and rubbery; look shiny and rounded with a color matching the color of the skin of the patient or may appear purple or brown. It is because of an overgrowth of granulation tissue, which is also called collagen type 3, at the location of a skin injury that has healed and is then replaced by collagen type 1. This overgrowth expands over surrounding normal skin. Keloids may occur post an injury at the affected area of the body. Pierced body parts or areas that have had acne or scarring due to chickenpox or tears in the ear lobes that have recently been corrected etc. can also be affected by keloids. Keloids scar removal treatment in Bangalore offers the best treatment.

They grow over a closed or healed injury and grow to a certain final size beyond the injured area. They occur mostly on the upper back, chest area, and shoulders. It is a non-contagious condition and is benign and is treated mostly because they cause pain and itching and obstruct the normal movement of the skin as they are massive in size.

Keloids can be a condition in which there is a well-formed, excessive fibrous growth with abnormal small blood-filled spaces following the skin’s injury. These scars are widespread on the breast bone, shoulder, back, earlobes, and neck. 

Vitals Skin and Hair Clinic offer the best Keloids Scar Removal Treatment in Bangalore. The services include, 

● Injections 

● Laser treatment 

● Surgical removal 

● Topical medication 

At the Vitals Skin and Hair Clinic in Bangalore, we encourage the best and most effective treatments after a thorough assessment. We use a combination of these procedures to ensure the best outcome. At our clinic, we perform all of these procedures by qualified dermatology surgeons to treat Keloids. 

Keloids Treatment in Bangalore
Keloids Scar Removal Treatment in Bangalore


  • Scar removal – This one is done in case there is a possibility of ulceration if the keloids are infected.
  • Dressings – This is a painless process wherein the wound dressing is done with silicone gel while the wound is healing as explained above.
  • Compression technique – This process involves tying a bandage for a few months over the areas prone to developing keloids. This doesn’t allow the keloids to grow beyond the compression of the bandage.
  • Laser therapy – In some cases, laser therapy might be successful in removing keloid tissues.

What are the symptoms of keloids?

Keloids come from scar tissue overgrowth. The scars of the Keloid look like more than the initial wound itself. it could take weeks or months for them to expand fully.

Keloid signs and symptoms can consist of:

  • A localized flesh-colored, pink, or crimson vicinity.
  • A lumpy or ridged skin place this is generally elevated.
  • A location that has a tendency to develop larger over time with scar tissue.
  • An itchy pores and skin patch.
  • Friction with clothes or other stuff can cause discomfort, irritation, or tenderness. 

Even though keloid scars may be itchy, they may be commonly no longer harmful on your fitness. Your clothing or different friction types can cause you to feel ache, tenderness, or capability infection. On huge regions of your frame, keloid scarring may also form, however this is generally unusual. The hardened, tight scar tissue can restriction movement while it occurs.

Laser Treatment for a Keloids

At Vitals Skin and Hair Clinic, our expert dermatologists will use lasers to destroy the excess collagen. A laser can also be used to reduce the size of a Keloid. 

Surgery for a Keloid Scar Removal Treatment

Our expert dermatologists at Vitals Skin and Hair Clinic will do the surgical procedure for the keloid that involves the removal of the Keloid tissue and its replacement with the skin tissue of a different location on the body. This surgery is mainly performed if the Keloid is very large and causes substantial disfigurement. 

Medications to Treat a Keloids Scar

In the case of a small or moderate Keloid, it can be treated with medication. This medication usually is applied topically on the Keloid. Some of the common medications include steroids, retinoids, and 5-fluorouracil. 

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FAQs for Keloids Scar Removal Treatment

What Causes Keloids? 

Keloids can result from a combination of different factors. The main factor is the presence of scar tissue, which is usually excessive. For example acne scars, burns, chickenpox scars, and incision sites after surgeries, are hereditary if one or both parents have them. 

What should a patient do after keloids? 

When you find keloids or similar growth on your skin, it is best that you consult our expert dermatologists at Vitals Skin and Hair Clinic. It is nothing to be alarmed about as keloids are not harmful and usually benign. In some cases, the keloids might just shrink and flatten over time, even without any treatment. 

What will happen at our clinic when you come for Keloids consultation? 

Dermatologists at our clinic will first try to diagnose the keloid by examining it visually. A biopsy might also be performed to eliminate the chances of other skin conditions. Our dermatologists would provide you with less invasive treatments. But, these treatments have to be done carefully on a regular basis to make them effective. 

How Do You Know If You Have Keloids? 

Keloids typically begin as raised scars with flat or round surfaces and are red, purple, or white in color. The border is often darker than the center. The skin around the keloid is usually paler to touch than the surrounding skin. 

How Much Does Keloid Treatment Cost? 

The cost of keloid treatment depends on your individual needs and the methods you choose for treatment. If you choose the laser treatment, you will get a lower cost in comparison to the other methods. Our expert dermatologists will recommend the best treatment for your keloids. In the case of keloids, laser therapy is deemed to be the best option. 

How To Prevent Keloid Scars? 

If you are genetically prone to keloids, it is best to avoid tattoos, piercings, or any surgeries that are not mandatory. Treat any minor injuries right away to prevent their formation. 

How much time will the procedure take? 

It will take a maximum of 45 min to 60 min to complete the procedure. Immediately after treatment, you can resume your office or go back home because there is no downtime after those treatments.

Best Keloids Scar Removal Treatment in Bangalore

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