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Best Wart Removal Treatment In Bangalore-2022

What are warts?

Warts are small masses growing on the body with color usually similar to the color of the skin. They usually occur on the hands and feet, however, they could grow on any other part of the body. They are of various sizes and types and the intensity of growth may vary from person to person. This growth of mass on the skin is normal till they grow to only a few in numbers. Wart removal treatment in Bangalore provides the best treatment for the patients to recover.

They are not cancerous and can be removed with the help of various medical techniques if they obstruct the normal functioning of the body or if the patients want them removed for cosmetic reasons.

Warts are caused by one of the viruses belonging to the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) family. A type of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) enters the body through an infection that may go unnoticed by us. It usually increases due to the use of public showers, low immunity, sharing clothes from an affected person, etc.

The virus enters the body through damaged skin and could lead to one type of warts. There are a few types of warts and various treatments for warts that we have explained below for your understanding.

Different Types of Wart:

Common Wart:

Common warts are tiny masses growing especially on the hands. They appear grainy and the virus can spread by touch. They look like tiny seeds which are actually blood vessels that are clot. Children, teens, and people suffering from low immunity are the ones almost certain to grow common warts on their hands. They usually fall off with time; however, if you think they are a disturbance, VitalsKlinic can remove them for you.

Common wart - wart removal treatment
Common Wart

Plantar Wart:

Plantar warts are flat mass build-ups on the human skin and usually occur on the feet. They are hard and appear grain-like and grow mostly on the hells or the balls of the foot. They occur the most in children and teenagers. The patients can experience some pain or discomfort depending on what location of the foot they grow in. They mostly go away without treatment; however, if they still exist and obstruct the usual movement of the body, we can remove them for you with the help of laser treatment, minor surgery, or by freezing them.

Plantar Wart - wart removal treatment
Plantar Wart

Filiform Wart:

Filiform warts appear thin and long. They usually grow on the face, the neck, around the lips, or on the eyelids. They are not harmful, but most patients suffering from filiform warts experience itching around the growth of the mass and get them removed for relief from itching and irritation and for aesthetic reasons as they mostly occur on and around the visible face area.

Genital Wart:

Genital warts are the ones that grow around the genitals. These spread via contact during sexual intercourse when the area is infected and left untreated. They cause irritation, itching, and pain at times. Men and Women both can be affected by these warts, but women need to get prompt treatment as a few types of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) can cause cervical cancer or cancer of the outer part of the female genitals.

Genital Wart
Genital Wart

Symptoms of warts

The fleshy, painless growth on the skin. Common areas affected include the hands, feet, and genitals. Itching or lesions in the mouth or around genital regions.

Stages of warts

In the early stage, we observe small, fleshy, grainy bumps. Flesh-colored, white, pink, or tan. Rough to the touch. Sprinkled with black pinpoints, which are small, clotted blood vessels.

Prevention of warts

Avoid shaving over a wart. Break the habit of biting your nails or picking at cuticles. Don’t share towels, washcloths, clothing, nail clippers, razors, or other personal items.

Testing for warts

A dermatologist can tell whether you have a wart by looking at it. In rare cases, a dermatologist may need to perform a skin biopsy to be certain. If a dermatologist needs to perform a biopsy, the doctor will remove the wart and send it to a lab.

Treatment for Warts:

Treatment may include topical medication and removal through medical procedures. When warts cannot be removed by other therapies, surgery may be used to cut away the wart. The base of the wart will be destroyed using an electric needle or by cryosurgery. The laser surgery procedure utilizes an intense beam of light to burn and destroy wart tissue. Wart treatment in Bangalore offers the best treatment by our doctors and qualified dermatologist.

The treatment for Warts includes the below options it could be one of the below or a combination of the below.

Dinitrochlorobenzene (DNCB) Treatment

Treating the wart with Dinitrochlorobenzene (DNCB) like “Salicylic Acid” is the most commonly used process to get rid of ‘unwanted warts’. The cure rate is as high as 75% with this method of treatment.

DNCB or Salicylic Acid for wart removal
DNCB or Salicylic Acid for wart removal treatment

Cryotherapy Treatment

Cryotherapy involves freezing the wart with the help of ‘liquid nitrogen’. The affected area is first treated with a local anesthetic, the wart is then cut with surgical scissors and the area is then treated with liquid nitrogen. The patient won’t experience discomfort because of the local anesthetic.

Cryotherapy for wart
Cryotherapy for wart removal treatment

Laser therapy

Our top-end laser equipment is another way of bidding adieu to warts. The laser technique involves exposing warts to an intense laser beam to burn off the wart tissue. We use a local anesthetic to reduce the burning sensation caused while carrying out this therapy.

Post Laser Wart Removal Treatment
Post Laser Wart Removal Treatment


Autoinoculation means implanting a little from oneself wherein cells are removed from the patient and altered medically and re-inserted into them. The skin cells that are affected by a Human Papillomavirus (HPV) are retrieved by excising warts, mincing them, and transporting them to another part of the body through dermal pockets. This works like immuno-therapy to target and eradicates remote warts by changing the structure of the DNA that has been affected by the virus. Reduction in warts is significant in the patients that have undergone autoinoculation therapy and at times two or three sessions were enough for a complete treatment.

HPV Wart
HPV Wart Removal Treatment

Warts Treatment Recovery

           You should be fully recovered within two weeks. There’s a chance for minimal scarring. You may also develop a blister over the site of the wart. If the blister breaks, clean the area with an antiseptic wipe.

Wart Removal Treatment Procedure In Bangalore

Finger Wart

Wart removal treatment in Bangalore is the best clinic as it provides the best treatment for warts by our professional doctors. Treatment has its own therapies to recover the patients. It is a cosmetic procedure as it goes way for some common warts and some spreads which really requires doctors.

Warts may or may not require treatment. Many forms of warts are resolved naturally in a few months or years but some patients may require treatment if the growth is faster than normal. We have elaborated a few treatments for your understanding.

  • Dinitrochlorobenzene (DNCB)
  • Cryotherapy 
  • Laser therapy 
  • Autoinoculation

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FAQs about wart removal treatment

1. How long is a wart contagious?

     Warts are thought to be contagious for as long as they are present in your body. The virus is more likely to spread if the skin is wet, soft, or has been in contact with a rough surface. Warts can also be spread to other parts of your own body.

2. Do warts come from being dirty?

    Warts are not caused by being dirty, but by viruses in the HPV family. Warts are a common skin problem that can happen in both kids and adults.

3. Can warts transfer by touch?

    Warts can spread from one part of your body to another, similar to person-to-person spread. If you pick at, touch, or scratch a wart on one part of your body, then do the same to another body part, warts can spread to the second body part.

4. Can you cut a wart off?

    Your doctor may choose to burn the wart, cut it out, or remove it with a laser. These treatments are effective, but they may leave a scar. They are normally reserved for warts that have not cleared up with other treatments.

5. Why do people get warts?

    Common warts are caused by a virus and are transmitted by touch. It can take a wart as long as two to six months to develop after your skin has been exposed to the virus. Common warts are usually harmless and eventually disappear on their own.

6. Do warts have roots?

    Warts do not have roots. They originate from the top layer of skin. The epidermis. As they grow down into the second layer of skin, the dermis, they can displace the dermis but not form roots. The underside of a wart is smooth.

7. Can warts be cancerous?

    Common warts never turn cancerous. They may bleed if injured. Since warts are caused by a  virus, they are contagious. Warts may spread on the body or to other people.

8. Why do warts bleed so much?

    Because warts have blood vessels near their surface, they can bleed easily if injured or dumped. The black dots often seen at the surface are really small blood clots at the ends of these blood vessels.

9. Can stress cause warts?

    Yes, stress causes the release of hormones that build up over a long period of time. These hormones weaken the immune system’s ability to fight off viruses like the one that cause warts.

10. Are warts hereditary?

      Warts run in the family, also some people may be more genetically predisposed to getting warts than others, especially if their immune systems have been weakened or compromised.

11. What are black dots on warts?

      The black dots on warts are visible blood vessels that are supplying the wart with nutrients and oxygen.

12. Does having a wart mean I have HPV?

      When skin warts appear, it can seem as if the harmless growths came out of nowhere. But common warts are actually an infection in the top layer of skin, caused by viruses in the human papillomavirus, or HPV, family.

13. Can warts be removed naturally?

      Natural remedies to get rid of warts include using foods, plants, or other products that have either antiviral or acidic properties of enzymes that inhibit the HPV virus. Natural antiviral remedies might help suppress the virus that causes warts, while natural acids can help remove layers of infected skin.

14. What food helps warts?

       Dark, leafy greens like spinach, kale, arugula, and seaweed are rich with calcium and mighty vitamin B. Broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, cherries and blueberries are high in antioxidants. Citrus fruits, red peppers, and orange peppers are loaded with vitamin C acting as anti-wart warriors knocking the virus off its feet.

15. Do warts just fall off?

      Within a few days after treatment by a doctor, a small wart will usually fall off, although you may need more than one treatment. Treatment may take longer for larger warts. Over-the-counter treatments may take longer than the doctor’s office treatments but can be used as an initial treatment on the hands or feet.

Best Wart Removal Treatment in Bangalore:

Warts are caused by one of the viruses belonging to the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) family. A type of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) enters the body through an infection that may go unnoticed by us. It usually increases due to the use of public showers, low immunity, sharing clothes from an affected person, etc.

We have highly trained professionals, and experienced doctors to serve the best possible results for wart removal treatment in Bangalore. We from VitalsKlinic provide all skin and hair related treatments like Acne, Warts Removal, Ingrown Toenail, Botox, Dermal Fillers, Earlobe Hole Repair, Spots, Melasma, PRP Hair Loss, Laser Hair Removal, Hair Transplant, Scalp Micropigmentation, Top Dermatologist, Vitiligo Treatment, Cellulite Treatment, Lipomas, Xanthomas, Scar Removal, Cyst or Swelling Excision, Chemical Peels, Cryotherapy, Keloids Treatment, Mesotherapy Treatment, and Dandruff Treatment.

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