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Date :17-Jan-2017

Moles are often seen by people as a hindrance to their looks. Usually, moles are dark spots in the skin or skin irregularities that may be present at birth or appear at any time. These moles may be of different size or different shape. Similarly, they may appear either alone or in groups and may appear in any part of the body. They may be just spots on the skin or may be protruding out from the skin.

Which type of moles may be removed?

Any type of mole from just those spots on the skin to the protruding ones can be removed from the skin. The location of the mole does not matter as well. The age of the mole or its size or shape is immaterial as well. Thus, any mole may be removed by the methods suggested by a dermatologist.

How can moles be removed?

Moles may be removed by different methods like by excision, shave removal or by using laser techniques. The method of excision might require stitches or could be done without stitches. Usually, the mole and its immediate surroundings are excised with a scalpel and the wound is stitched and is bandaged. The skin specialist shaves off the mole from a little below the skin and is treated to stop bleeding and is bandaged. This procedure does not invade into the skin and therefore hardly leaves any scar. The third method is the use of laser beams to clear the mole off the skin, which is same as in the application of laser for skin spots.

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