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Face PRP treatment in Bangalore, PRP therapy is a safe, non-invasive and painless procedure. PRP helps rejuvenate the skin and smooth away wrinkles, fine lines and acne scars. It is derived from our own blood, which is healthy. When you apply it to the skin, it acts as a matrix, which encourages collagen growth and regenerates tissues. The PRP injected into the adult skin, acts as effectively to smooth and tighten the skin.


Acne scars are an unsightly part of the skin and cause a lot of distress. The PRP treatment is an option for those patients who are not looking for a surgical solution for their acne scars. The PRP treatment for acne scars is based on the theory of tissue regeneration by generating more collagen and elastin.

FAQs For Face PRP Treatment in Bangalore

What can PRP do for my skin?

Platelet-rich plasma contains many growth factors that can help to promote wound healing, collagen production, and cell growth. This makes it a valuable treatment for aging skin, acne scars, sun damage, and other skin conditions.

Is it possible to get face rejuvenation by PRP?

There are many other reasons why PRP can be effective for your skin. PRP treatments can also be used to enhance the appearance of scars and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and treat acne. In PRP, the platelets are activated, and proteins are released that stimulate cell growth. PRP therapy can be used to treat a variety of aesthetic issues.

What happens when you come for consultation?

When you consult our expert dermatologist at Vitals Skin and Hair Clinic in Bangalore they shall examine your face, take detailed history of your concern ,explain to you the causes and assess if your ideal candidate for face PRP.

What are the benefits of face PRP treatment?

● Your own blood is used in PRP, and this eliminates the risk of an allergic reaction.
● There is little or no swelling or bruising.
● Helps to regenerate new skin layers.
● Helps to improve your skin texture.
● Helps to decrease the scarring after acne.
● It can be less painful than a surgery.
● It is a short recovery period indicating quick healing than surgery.
● It can help you avoid surgery.
● It’s minimally invasive.

How is the procedure done?

Our expert dermatologist at Vitals Skin and Hair Clinic in Bangalore will draw a small amount of blood from a patient’s body and then keep it in a centrifuge in order to separate blood cells from other particles. The platelets found in the plasma within the blood are then used for the treatment. Our dermatologist will inject that platelet rich plasma into the patient’s skin by using very fine needles, before the procedure patient skin is numbed by using anaesthetic cream.

Are there any blood tests required before PRP?

Usually nothing is required, however based on your condition few basic tests like iron , deficiency if any and of course platelet count may be required to see if your parameters are good so that you get maximum benefit from PRP treatments.

How much blood is drawn?

Our expert dermatologist at Vitals Skin and Hair Clinic in Bangalore will draw around 20ml of blood from the patient’s body.

How are platelets separated?

Specialized gel separation tubes are used to separate platelets.

How much time does it take for the procedure?

It takes around 45-60min, it will take 10 mins to draw blood, processing for separation will take 30 mins and injecting PRP on the face will take 15 mins.

Can I get back to work immediately after the procedure?

Yes it’s a simple procedure, with very minimal discomfort we advise patients to take rest for 5-10 min at the clinic and they are good to get back to their work.

How many sessions are required?

Depending on severity of the condition, minimum 3 sessions to maximum 6-8 sessions at monthly intervals are required.

When shall be my next session?

PRP is a monthly procedure, can be done any time after a month of previous session , if it’s for maintenance we suggest once in two months as well.

Should I use medication as well as prescribed?

Yes, one should continue using medication as suggested by our expert dermatologist at Vitals Skin and Hair Clinic in Bangalore while getting PRP sessions and also after PRP sessions are completed.

I have diabetes. Can I take face PRP treatment?

PRP is a safe procedure if your diabetes is under control and you are on appropriate medication, if your sugar levels are not in control that have to be corrected before doing face PRP treatment in Bangalore.

I have blood pressure. Can I take PRP treatment?

Yes it’s safe to get it done , you have to continue your blood pressure medication as per physician advice.

Is it painful?

Firstly your face is numbed by using anaesthetic cream after that procedure as to to be done, so that you will not feel any pain during the procedure.

Are the injections safe?

Yes. You’re not receiving substances being injected into your body. Therefore, as it is known as safe, there will be less chances of bleeding, bruising, infection, and soreness.

How does PRP treatment work?

PRP treatment works by stimulating collagen production and healing in the skin.

How soon can I see the result?

You can see results after the first session itself. You will notice that the scarring is not as pronounced, and it is also not as deep. Thereafter, you will notice visible results after every session.

Am I the right candidate?

If you have any type of acne scarring on your face, you are a perfect candidate for the treatment. The procedure is safe and recommended for all genders.

How much will it cost per one session?

The costs of PRP treatment at Vitals Skin and Hair Clinic in Bangalore is extremely reasonable, and we have affordable packages for all. The price will vary depending on the severity of the condition, and the number of treatments that you will be needing. Face PRP treatment in Bangalore offers best treatment.

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