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    Hair fall in PCOD occurs due to the overbearing influence of androgens and testosterone. These hormones get converted to DHT that drives the process behind PCOS hair loss. Excessive amount of DHT in scalp starts the deterioration process of the hair strand and blocks the absorption of essential nutrients. This results in dying or falling out of hair strands. In fact this DHT also inhibits the regeneration of new hair.

    Pcod hair loss treatment


    Symptoms of Hair Fall due to PCOD

    • Thinning of hair
    • Hair loss begins at the crown, temples, or both
    • High forehead
    • Receding hairline
    • Treatment of Hair Fall

    Hair-Stimulating Medications : First and foremost hair loss is tried to be managed by medications that stimulate hair growth while controlling hair fall.

    Platelet Rich Plasma: :The revolutionary technology of PRP Therapy involves withdrawal of patient’s own blood, processing it to get platelet-rich plasma, and finally injecting it into scalp. It is done to supply the essential proteins (through plasma) to the scalp that stimulate natural hair growth in persons with hair loss.

    Growth Factor Injection: This involves intradermal injection of growth factor to manage hair fall caused by PCOD.