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    The ear lobe is composed of skin and fat, due to which it is more prone to tears than the thick, heavy cartilage found elsewhere on your ear. Ear Lobe Tear is a common cosmetic facial surgery. Earlobe tears is a common problem that occurs because of elongation of earlobe piercings due to wearing of heavy earrings.

    It can result in a variety of traumatic situation. One common type of traumatic ear injury is a split earlobe. Most split earlobes occur gradually due to large or heavy earrings. The skin heals as the hole slowly enlarges. In some instances, earlobes might be split leading to trauma like once associate in nursing jewelry gets caught or force forcefully.

    Many people stretch their earlobes intentionally for fashion through the insertion of progressively larger piercings known as gauges.

    Signs & Symptoms of Ear Lobe Tear

    Saggy & droopy or stretched-out earlobes ear lobes due to wearing of heavy earrings.

    Unattractive ear lobes due to improper piercing technique or infection.

    Deformity or scarring due to traumatic injury.

    Treatments for Ear Lobe Tear

    Worried due to EAR LOBE TEAR problems……

    Don’t worry, Dermatologists at Vitals have immense experience of performing a range of ear lobe repair surgeries. Here, Ear Lobe Tear problems are mostly treated by local anesthesia. Normal procedure involves cutting away of the skin lining the tear or piercing the tract, followed by removal of the excess tissue and finally suturing of the lobes back together. The sutures remain in place for one or two weeks which results in a smaller earlobe. Split earlobe repair is completed with rotation flap that permits patients to soundly and handily wear earrings fortnight post procedure rather than having to attend up to 6 months with the quality procedure. The length of this procedure takes between 30 -40 minutes per earlobe. Sometimes, an incision is made in the earlobes and then stitched to repair the affected area. It is a relatively quick and simple procedure.

    After Surgery

    After your earlobe repair surgery there might be small scars on the ears which will be at first red, but will eventually fade to a pale silvery color. After 4-6 months the ear lobe ought to look traditional. Ears is re-pierced VI months once the operation has taken place. There may be some minimal discomfort after surgery, which can be treated with over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication prescribed by dermatologists after ear lobe surgery.


    Ear Lobes are easier to prevent than treat. Earlobe surgery can correct even severe ear lobe deformities, but it is advisable not to have a problem in the first place.

    Some of the preventive measures are –

    • Avoid long heavy earrings for the long time.
    • Remove earrings while on telephone.
    • Remove earrings while removing upper clothes like sweaters
    • Children should avoid small loop or dangling earrings