Say Goodbye to Excessive Sweating of the Palms by using Botox


Excessive sweating of the palms, also known as palmar hyperhidrosis, can be a source of embarrassment and inconvenience for many people. However, with the help of Botox injections, you can finally say goodbye to this condition.  


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What is Palmar Hyperhidrosis?

Palmar hyperhidrosis is a condition in which the palms of the hands produce excessive sweat. This can be a major problem for those who suffer from it, causing discomfort, embarrassment, and even difficulty with everyday tasks.  




How Does Botox Help with Palmar Hyperhidrosis?

Botox works by blocking the secretion of the chemical responsible for triggering sweat glands. When this chemical is blocked, the sweat glands stop producing excess sweat. The effects of this treatment typically last for several months.


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The Benefits of Botox for Palmar Hyperhidrosis:

  • Botox is a safe and effective treatment for excessive sweating of the palms.
  • The injections are quick and relatively painless.
  • The effects of the botox treatment typically last for several months.
  • Botox is a non-surgical solution for palmar hyperhidrosis, which means there is no downtime or recovery time required.


The Procedure for Botox Injections for Palmar Hyperhidrosis:

The procedure for Botox injections for palmar hyperhidrosis is relatively straightforward. Your doctor will clean the affected areas and then use a small needle to inject the Botox into the palms. The entire process takes just a few minutes and is relatively painless.


Best Sweating Palms Treatment in Bangalore:


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If you suffer from excessive sweating in the palms, Botox injections can offer you a safe and effective solution. With the help of Botox, you can finally say goodbye to palmar hyperhidrosis and enjoy greater confidence and comfort in your daily life. If you’re interested in learning more about Botox for palmar hyperhidrosis, speak to a qualified healthcare professional today.


Frequently Asked Questions:


How can I permanently cure sweaty palms?

If you have hyperhidrosis, organic apple cider vinegar can help you keep your sweaty palms dry by balancing your body’s pH levels. You can use apple cider vinegar to clean your hands. For the best results, leave it on overnight. You could also add 2 tablespoons to your daily diet.

How much does sweaty palms surgery cost in Bangalore?

However, if you want to consult a doctor before proceeding with treatment, the consultation fee begins at INR 200 and can range up to INR 2000 depending on the doctor and their facilities. Botox implants and iontophoresis can cost between INR 5000 and INR 50000.

Is sweaty palms a medical condition?

Most people who frequently sweat their palms do not have a medical condition. However, there is a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis (pronounced: hye-pur-hye-DROE-sis) that can cause excessive sweating in the palms, feet, armpits and other parts of the body. How successful is hyperhidrosis surgery? In over 98 percent of patients, the procedure is highly effective in reducing excessive hand sweating. Furthermore, the risk of complications is extremely low.

Can Vitamin D deficiency cause sweaty hands?

Sweating is actually beneficial to your health because it releases toxins stored in fat cells beneath the skin. Excessive sweating, on the other hand, may indicate a Vitamin D deficiency.

What are the dangers of hyperhidrosis?

Infections are among the complications of hyperhidrosis. People who sweat a lot are more likely to develop skin infections. The social and emotional consequences.

Is hyperhidrosis related to the heart?

Sweating profusely is a symptom frequently reported by cardiology patients, and it may be an early phenomenon of adaptation, or rather cardiac maladaptation, in the context of developing heart failure.

What part of the brain controls sweaty palms?

The anterior and posterior cingulate cortices, ventromedial prefrontal cortex, premotor and motor areas, visual cortex, thalamus, and cerebellum are among the brain regions that show sweating-related activation.

Are sweaty palms a symptom of anything?

Sweating occurs when you are nervous, especially on your palms. Primary hyperhidrosis is caused by faulty nerve signals, which cause eccrine sweat glands to overwork. It typically affects the palms, soles, underarms, and occasionally the face. This type of hyperhidrosis has no medical cause.

Can thyroid cause sweaty hands?

The thyroid gland controls your body temperature. When your thyroid gland produces more thyroid hormones than your body requires, your temperature rises. As a result, you may become overly sensitive to heat and perspire constantly and which may result in sweaty hands.  


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