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    Warts are small masses growing on the body with a colour usually similar to the colour of the skin. They usually occur on the hands and feet, however, they could grow on any other part of the body. They are various sizes and types and the intensity of growth may vary from person to person. This growth of mass on the skin is normal till they grow to only a few in numbers. They are not cancerous and can be removed with the help of various medical techniques if they obstruct the normal functioning of the body or if the patients want them removed for cosmetic reasons.

    Warts are caused by one of the viruses belonging to the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) family. A type of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) enters the body through an infection that may go unnoticed by us. It usually increases due to use of public showers, low immunity, sharing clothes from an affected person etc. The virus enters the body through damaged skin and could lead to one of type of warts. There are a few types that we have explained below for your understanding.

    • Common warts – Common warts are tiny masses growing especially on the hands. They appear grainy and the virus can spread by touch. They look like tiny seeds which are actually blood vessels that are coagulated. Children, teens and people suffering from low immunity are the ones almost certain to grow common warts on their hands. They usually fall off with time; however, if you think they are a disturbance, Vitals Klinic can remove them for you.
    • Planter warts – Planter warts are flat mass build ups on the human skin and usually occur on the feet. They are hard and appear grain like and grow mostly on the hells or the balls of the foot. They occur the most on children and teenagers. The patients can experience some pain or discomfort depending on what location of the foot they grow in. They mostly go away without treatment; however, if they still exist and obstruct the usual movement of the body, we can remove them for you with the help of laser treatment, a minor surgery or by freezing them.
    • Fuliform warts – Fuliform warts appear thin and long. They usually grow on the face, the neck, around the lips or on the eyelids. They are not harmful, but most patients suffering from fuliform warts experience itching around the growth of the mass and get them removed for relief from itching and irritation and for aesthetic reasons as they mostly occur on and around the visible face area.
    • Genital warts – Genital warts are the ones that grow around the genitals. These spread via contact during sexual intercourse when the area is infected and left untreated. They cause irritation, itching and pain at times. Men and Women both can be affected by these warts, but women need to get prompt treatment as a few types of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) can cause cervical cancer or cancer of the vulva.

    Warts may or may not require treatment. Many forms of warts are resolved naturally in a few months or years but some patients may require treatment if the grown is faster than normal. We have elaborated a few treatments for your understanding.